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Sunday Routine: Preparing For The Week Ahead

Many people use Sunday for different things including relaxing, planning, cleaning, and the list goes on. Considering it’s the last day of the weekend, I try to mix a lit bit of relaxing, cleaning and planning so that I feel fully prepared for the week ahead. I like to go to sleep Sunday night feeling accomplished, well rested, and prepared for the week ahead.

Ideally, I like to try and get everything done early in the day, so I can use the ladder part of the day to relax and enjoy some self-care time. It doesn’t always work out that way dependent upon what my Saturday night consisted of and how late I stayed up. I pride myself on working hard during the week, so I try to use my weekend to lighten my workload and make time for me.

To prepare myself for the week, here is my Sunday routine:

Church Service- Praying and spending time with God is the first thing I do when I wake up every single day. Sundays are when I participate in church service to hear a good message and leverage the message and associated scripture throughout the week. Engaging in church service, studying the scripture, praying and spending time with God helps me to reset and refresh from the following week and gives me peace, joy, happiness and strength going into a new week. I feel unconquerable and ready to take on anything that comes way.

Brunch- Sundays are definitely for bunch! Brunch for me can go 1 or 2 ways. I can cook brunch at home which usually includes pancakes or French toast, eggs, home fries, and sometimes plant-based sausage. Brunch can also mean going out to a really good brunch spot with my friends, family, or my boo. Either way, brunch is definitely my thing on Sundays.

Wash my hair- Let me say, my hair is a full-time job and although I love how I feel when my hair is done, I do not enjoy the process of doing it. This is why I try my best to get up early on Sundays because I know tackling my mane is a long and tedious process that takes discipline and hard work.

Wash clothes- I’m going to assume that everyone washes clothes on Sunday. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s just a good feeling when my dirty clothes hamper is empty, and I have fresh new pajamas and sweats to wear at home while I’m working remote.

Clean up- Saturdays are typically when I do my deep cleaning, so I just use Sundays as a means to finish up any cleaning that I wasn’t able to do on Saturday or clean up after myself from cooking brunch or whatever other messes I made that I can’t go to sleep without cleaning.

Plan for the week- Planning for the week includes outlining my goals for the week and organizing tasks, to-dos and projects that need to be completed in order to reach those goals. Planning also includes brainstorming blog posts, drafting my podcast script and physically writing out my tasks in my agenda that need to be completed in the upcoming week.

Prepare dinner and meal prep– I know this Sunday routine is pretty ambitious, but again, that’s why I try to get my day started early so I can have a little bit of time left in the day for me. After I’ve finished washing my hair, washing clothes, cleaning up, and planning for the week, I cook dinner and meal prep for Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday or until I know I will cook again. If I can be honest, this doesn’t always happen on Sundays, but I can say that preparing dinner in advance and meal prepping is so helpful during the week, especially on those unexpectedly long, busy days.

Me time- Of course, this is my favorite part of my Sunday routine. Me time can include a number of things that I enjoy doing such as binge watching a series on Netflix, catching up with family and friends on Facetime, or relaxing out on my balcony and watching the sunset. Me time just means winding down from the day and getting to do whatever my heart desires as a sort of reward for having an accomplished Sunday and preparing for the week ahead.


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