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3 Reasons Why I Love Podcasting

Happy International Podcast Day! When I started Ask Myj The Podcast back in January, I had no idea where this journey would take me and how much I would actually love doing it. 9 months in, I am still going strong and I am loving it! What better way to celebrate than to share why I love podcasting!

Here are 3 reasons why I love podcasting:

1. Inspire: My passion has always been to use my talents and experiences to inspire others to believe that they can do anything. Ask Myj The Podcast has allowed me to use my voice and share my personal experiences and the life lessons I gained from them. Through my Myj Moment segment, I share a personal story and offer inspirational advice with hopes that my advice will inspire listeners to be strong, confident and fearless.

2. Spark Conversation: Through Ask Myj The Podcast, I get to keep listeners up to date with the latest pop culture trends in music, movies and TV and spark conversation about what’s trending in our world. Popular trends impact our relationships, lifestyles and attitudes and I use my bold perspective to challenge the status quo and spark engaging conversations that you can drop in the group chat!

3. Spread Black Girl Magic: Did you know that less than 22% of podcasts in the US are hosted by Black women? As a Black woman-led podcast host, I get to use my podcast outlet to share the true, authentic, and powerful stories of Black women across the world from all different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. During my “Shine Black Girl Shine” segment, I share uplifting stories about influential Black who are change agents leading the way in their communities and making history while doing it.

Shout out to all the podcasters who are still going strong! Keep going. Thank you so much to everyone who has listened, subscribed, shared, wrote a review, liked, commented, or supported Ask Myj The Podcast in any way.


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