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How to Reset When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Let’s be honest. The pandemic has forced us to readjust to a new normal when it comes to working, traveling, hanging out, and even grocery shopping. The good thing though, is that it has given me back a lot of time to work and focus on things that I otherwise would not have had time to work on while always on the go.

If I can admit though, spending majority of my time at home with limited ability to explore different places, I sometimes find myself feeling blah and unmotivated. When I feel unmotivated, I struggle to get out of the bed, do my work, and even find ideas to write. I just don’t have the motivation to be productive.

When this feeling starts to creep up on me, I know it’s time for a reset. When I say reset, I mean an extended break from work, on the weekends of course, to do something that I enjoy, takes my mind off of work, and makes me feel refreshed. It’s in these times that I feel like I am resetting, and I often discover new ideas while doing so. After a reset, my passion and motivation are restored, and I feel enthusiastic about getting back to work.

If you ever feel unmotivated or dull, I encourage you to take a reset. Pick a weekend and plan to do something you really enjoy that can help take your mind off of work. You can choose to reset by yourself or surround yourself with people you care about. Take a trip, visit some family, or even plan a weekend with the girls. This a time for you to reset, enjoy yourself, relax, and take your mind off of work. Whatever you choose to do, choose wisely, and remember, positive vibes only!

To give you some ideas, here are some things I do to reset when I’m feeling unmotivated.

Take a trip. Whether it be taking a flight or a road trip, getting away from my workspace and where I live is probably my favorite way to reset. I love visiting different places where I can relax and reset away from the hustle and bustle. I try to go somewhere relaxing like the beach where I can lay out in the sun and try to forget about the work week. I always come back feeling refreshed, motivated and eager to be productive.

Visit family. I know I said that taking a trip was my favorite way to reset, but so is visiting family. Being around family helps restore my passion for what I do because they are always so encouraging and uplifting. Being amongst family makes me feel happy, warm and loved and there’s never a doubt that I will have a fun and exciting time with them. There’s just something about being surrounded by loved ones who are proud of me, rooting for me, and support me. It makes me want to go harder to continue to make them proud.

Plan a weekend with the girls. I admit, all three of these reset options are my favorite. I really enjoy spending time with my friends because, like me, they all have their own things going on, so when we come together, we are all on the same mission to reset and enjoy our time together. We all have similar goals and aspirations, so we are able to relate on many different levels and hold each other accountable for the things we are working on. I have a very tight circle of close girlfriends who are very uplifting and encouraging and being around them makes me feel empowered to get back on the grind.


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