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What I Learned About Social Media & Relationships

I’m sure you’ve heard by now all the tea surrounding Cardi B filing for divorce from Offset and then confirming that they were back together weeks later.

Cardi received a lot of backlash on social media following the news that she and Offset were back together and she went on several twitter rants responding to the criticism, before deactivating her Twitter altogether.

Reading some of the comments and witnessing Cardi lashing back and then deactivating her Twitter never proved more that your relationship and personal life should be kept private, especially when you are going through challenges in your relationship.

For those who have been followers of Cardi B since her Love and Hip Hop days, you understand that Cardi B has a very transparent and open personality which is why a lot of her fans have grown to love her. However, even in being authentic and open with fans, there are still boundaries to keeping your personal life private so that people, especially fans, critics, and those who don’t know Cardi B personally, don’t have the space to judge her for a decision they don’t agree with.

Let’s be real, we all have friends who have broken up with their boyfriend, only to get back together with him weeks or even days later. It’s completely normal. Now don’t get me wrong, Cardi filing for divorce was a bit extreme, in my opinion, to decide to get back with him days later. The bottom line here is that people don’t always make sound decisions or decisions that we agree with. From what we’ve seen, we can gather that Cardi B was upset and made a bad decision based on her emotions in that moment, and then realized later, that wasn’t the best decision and she wanted to work it out with her husband. It happens and she’s not wrong for changing her mind and deciding to get back with Offset because she wants to fight for her relationship.

What I don’t agree with, though, is Cardi airing out the ups and downs of their relationship. Of course, when celebrities do something publicly that fans and critics don’t necessarily agree with, the fans and critics express their judgement and opinions all over social media. That’s just the world we live in. Once Cardi confirmed that she and Offset were back together, and she started receiving backlash on social media, she started lashing back in an effort to explain her decision for getting back with her husband. It’s nobody’s business that she filed for divorce or that she decided to get back with him. However, once you put your business out in the public, you give others the space to have an opinion about your decisions in your personal life.

Airing out your relationship's dirty laundry on social media will almost always have a negative impact in the end, especially if your significant other feels exposed. “This is a violation of both your partner’s and relationship’s privacy and only shows your desperate need to feel important and be noticed,” says Jane Greer, Ph.D., a New York-based relationship expert and author of What About Me? “It's more important to look at your relationship through your own eyes than portray it for the world to see and judge.” Instead, she suggests that couples should keep their private information private.

Keeping your relationship private prevents others from knowing your personal life and having an opinion about your personal life. I do feel bad though that Cardi has used social media to connect with her fans in a more personal way only for it to backfire because people use it to express hurtful and judgmental thoughts about the information, she chooses to put out there. However, in order to prevent others from having an opinion about your relationship, the best thing to do is to not tell them what’s going on. It's your relationship and it's not for everyone else.


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