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What I Learned from the 2020 Election

Congratulations are in order for President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, who happens to be, not only the first woman, but also the first Black and South Asian woman Vice President elect. Harris is also an alumna of Historically Black College, Howard University, which also makes her the first Vice President elect to graduate from an HBCU.

Despite racial inequality and social unrest that Black people have endured, I can say that I have never been prouder to be a Black woman and an alumna of an HBCU. Black women like Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Stacy Abrams continue to break barriers and prove that Black women are powerful, limitless, and unconquerable. Among the many things I learned from the shattered glass ceilings of the 2020 presidential election, these 3 things resonated with me the most.

1. Black women can do anything. Black women are truly powerful and limitless. As Malcom X said, “the most disrespected person in America is the Black woman.” However, no matter how disrespected and understated we are, we always seem to come out on top. The barriers and glass ceilings that Black women have shattered time and time again have proven that Black women can do anything we put our minds to and what makes us even more powerful, is the huge network of Black women supporting each other.

2. HBCUs prepared us for a time such as this. There’s been a long-standing debate about whether or not HBCUs adequately prepare its students for life after college. Kamala Harris as the first Vice-President elect from an HBCU elect proves that HBCUs ensure that its students are more than prepared and capable to be and do anything we can imagine. To add, this moment in history further proved that HBCUs are just as valuable and significant as predominately white institutions. HBCUs taught us to work hard, live out our dreams, and never limit ourselves to the standards and expectations that society has placed on us.

3. It’s never too late for a turnaround. As I scrolled through my social media pages on election day and the days following until we got the news of the new president elect, I could literally feel the anxiety of people all around the world who were nervous, anxious, doubtful, and some, even ready to give up. I also remember, Joe Biden saying he was “feeling good” about the election and believed they were “on track to win,” but also urged patience as the votes continued to be counted. No matter how long it takes for things to happen and work out in your favor, delayed never means denied. We anxiously waited four long days to learn the outcome of the election as the vote count was delayed, but it all still worked out in our favor. No matter how long you have to wait, it’s never too late for a turnaround.


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