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Where is Your Park?

Beyoncé just dropped her second Ivy Park athleisure collection in partnership with Adidas and of course, it sold out within seconds. But her spicy new drip wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention. For this second collection, Yoncè encouraged her fans to find their beast mode through “their park.” In her campaign video, she asked, “Where is your beast mode? What drives you? Where do your dreams lie? What is your motivation?” Your park is the place, whether real or imagined, where you find your creativity, imagination and best ideas.

Thank you Beyoncè for helping me find my park. This past weekend I traveled to Colorado to visit some family and while I was on the plane thousands of feet above ground floating through the clouds, my creative juices were flowing, and I began writing. I wrote several blog posts within an hour and brainstormed a list of many more ideas for future blog posts. It was in this experience that I found my park.

My park is the outdoors, particularly breathtaking scenery. My park is when I’m floating through the clouds in an airplane, riding bikes through the mountains, or hiking through a scenic trail. My park is where I feel at peace and at one with myself. My park is where I feel God, where I feel his hand anoint my head and his spirit fill my body. My park is when I feel relaxed, yet refreshed and motivated. My park is where I feel inspired by what I see and find through God’s beautiful creation. My park is where I feel undefeated, unstoppable and limitless.

When you are searching for your park, your beast mode, your creative and imaginative space, think about the place where your creative juices are flowing, where you dream big, where your imagination is wild, and where you feel the most motivated.


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