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Why I Started Blogging

This time of quarantine has given me a lot of time back that I realized I did not have while I was always on the go. I took this time to do some exploring, soul searching and brainstorming new ideas to start a new venture or hobby that I am passionate about and could ultimately help me make some extra money. After doing some researching and brainstorming, I decided to start a blog, hence Ask Myj The Blog. Ask Myj the Blog explores everything from lifestyle, relationships & dating, career, and pop culture as a millennial Black girl.

I started Ask Myj The Blog because I love writing, I’m passionate about giving advice and sharing my experiences to inspire others, and I wanted to create another avenue of income, especially during the pandemic.

Writing is definitely one of my first loves. I love writing and storytelling. I really enjoy taking my experiences and putting them into words and stories others can relate to. I am the go-to person for any of my family and friends’ questions related to writing. This can include college essays, resumes, law school applications, emails, social media captions, and the list goes on. I went to college for journalism and mass communication and the foundation of that field of study is writing. So the bulk of my education, experience and career has been writing and it’s what I love to do. Aside from my love for writing, I have a unique ability to translate my experiences into creative stories that are interesting and engaging for readers.

I’ve always been passionate about sharing my personal experiences to inspire others. I am the friend that all my friends come to for advice on life, anything related to career, relationships, dating and much more. I am the “hype man” of my friends and family as they like to call it because I am a motivator, encourager and accountability partner. My mission in life is and has always been to use my talents, passions, and platforms to inspire others and I am using Ask Myj The Blog to help others navigate life, relationships, and career through my experiences as a millennial Black girl.

In addition to starting my blog as a passion project, I wanted to create an additional avenue of income for myself, especially during the pandemic. Blogging can be a very profitable side hustle if you are strategic and consistent in producing quality content. There are so many different ways you can make money from blogging and nowadays bloggers have more opportunities than ever before to monetize their content, so I decided to take my chance.


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