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5 Signs it May Be Time to Leave Your Job

We all have days when we dread going to work, but if you find that you dread going to work every day and you feel exhausted all the time, it may be time reevaluate your job.

Have you lost your passion for your job? Do you dread going to work and feel exhausted all the time? Do you feel completely unmotivated and unproductive at work? If you are experiencing these issues at work, it may be time for you to pack up and move on. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to leave your job.

1. Lack of growth opportunities: Think about your career goals and how your current opportunity can help you reach them. If there are no opportunities for growth or promotion that will help you in reaching your career goals, then it may be time to leave. You employer should support your growth and help you advance in your career development journey. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same position and you are working your butt off, but you aren’t advancing, it may be time to go.

2. Your passion is gone: Once upon a time you were passionate about your job, but as time passed, you lost your passion. If you dread going to work, put forth the bare minimum, and have no enthusiasm about your work, it may be time to leave your job. Having a strong passion for what you do is what should help keep you motivated, so if the passion is gone, you should leave too.

3. Bad leadership: You know when you are dealing with a bad leader. They are usually self-centered, they don’t hold themselves accountable, they are terrible communicators, and they lack empathy. What makes this situation worse is when bad leaders are loved by everyone else or when other team members and management refuse to do anything about it. If you’ve been dealing with bad leaders and management who are unwilling to change, it’s definitely time to leave your job.

4. You are unproductive: Being unproductive at work can sometimes be the result of loss of passion. You have no desire or motivation to do your work which means you typically are unproductive, or your work performance is lackluster. Another reason for unproductivity at work is feeling like your work is not valuable and doesn’t contribute to the greater cause, project or team. If you feel you aren’t doing your best work and you feel you are not valuable to the team, it may be time to leave your job.

5. Your self-care is at stake: If you are constantly sacrificing your mental health and self-care for your job, it may be time to leave. You are always too exhausted to do anything outside of work, you have no time for family, friends, or a social life, and you are constantly worried and anxious about work. Once your self-care is no longer a priority because work has overpowered your life, it’s time to leave your job.


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