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5 Things to Look For in Your Next Job

So you’ve been successfully job searching and landed a few interviews for opportunities that you might be really interested in. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you interview for three roles that you are really interested in and you get offered all three of those roles. This is what I call a good dilemma; however, you are stuck between which role to choose based on what’s best for you and you career. This a huge step in your career so you want to make the best decision for you. This article may also be helpful if you still in the beginning stages of job searching and need help deciding what you want in your next role.

When you are evaluating new roles and opportunities, here are 5 things you should consider that can help you make the best decision for you.

1. Career Goals: This should be the first thing that you consider when you are thinking about what you want in your next role. What are your career goals and what types of roles can help you achieve your career goals? Think about your passions, skills and talents, and consider what types of roles will help you fully leverage your passions, skills and talents and help you on your path to achieving your ultimate career goals.

2. Team Dynamic and Culture: If you are in the process of job searching, think about what type of team you want to work on and what type of culture and environment you thrive in? Do you work better in a collaborative environment or do you thrive in more of an entrepreneurial setting? Do you work better in a small structured team or in a large complex organization? If you are interviewing, be sure to ask questions about the team dynamic, who you’d potentially be working with, and what the culture of the organization is like.

3. Salary Expectations: Salary is definitely a big one. Be sure to do your research on your industry, location, and roles and experience. When you are job searching or interviewing, make sure that you know your worth and set a salary expectation that you are confident in. Look for jobs in that salary range and when asked about your expectations, be firm and confident that your expectations match your skills and experience.

4. Growth Opportunities: Potential growth opportunities go hand in hand with your career goals. When you are interviewing for potential roles, be sure to ask about growth and promotional opportunities within the company and then assess how those opportunities can help you reach your career goals. This is really important to me because I take pride in working for a company and leaders who are invested in my growth as a professional.

5. Long-Gevity: When you are assessing your next job opportunity, think about whether you are seeking long-term or short-term opportunities. How long do you want to be in your next role, 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? While you are interviewing and learning more about a company, ask yourself, is this somewhere you see yourself long-term? Think about your long-term career goals and where you want to be in 5 years and then 10 years.



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