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Ask Myj The Podcast Featured on Goodpods Discover Page

Ask Myj The Podcast was selected to be featured on the #1 Podcast Social Network, Goodpods Discover page. Goodpods is a social podcasting app for podcasters and podcast listeners to “see what podcasts your smartest, funniest, most curious podcast-obsessed friends and influencers are listening to.” Podcast listeners have the ability to see what their friends are listening to and love, listen to their favorite shows with the Goodpods built-in player and directly recommend episodes to friends. Podcasters can interact with their listeners, build a podcast audience organically and cross-promote their shows with fellow podcasters.

Once the app is launched, users can navigate to the ‘Search’ tab and find Ask Myj The Podcast featured in the Goodpods Team picks list.

The Goodpods app can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play.



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