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How To Ace An Interview

Whether you are starting to job search, in the middle of job searching or you just want to brush up on your interviewing skills, I think everyone can use some tips and advice on how to ace an interview.

There are so many tips and tricks you can leverage to help you ace an interview and I sharing a few things I’ve learned throughout my career and job search process that will help you ace your next interview.

Do your research. I really cannot express this enough. Research information about the company such as the mission, values, and even the latest company news and updates. Research your interviewers to learn what they care about, what their passions and skills are, and what they are talking about and paying attention to on the internet. Research potential interview questions so that you have an idea of what the interviewer will ask you. Be familiar with the job description so you can speak to how your knowledge and experience can contribute to the role.

Network. If you have any family, friends, mentors, former classmates, or the like that are in similar roles or work at the company you are interviewing with, reach out and ask questions about their role and how they contribute to their role. Ask about their interview experience and if they can offer you advice and insights on how you can do well in your interview. If you get a chance to speak with someone who works at the company you are interviewing with, ask about the culture, the team, and the leaders. Seek out information that will be helpful as you prepare for the interview.

Craft talking points. From your research and networking efforts, craft some talking points for the interview. These talking points can include information about the company, the role, your experience and background, and more that are relevant to the role you are interviewing for. Using talking points in an interview helps you to effectively communicate the messages you want to send to your interviewer, helps you to organize your thoughts and words, and helps you stay focused on your answers during the interview.

Practice. Practice, practice, practice, and practice again! Practicing is so important to help you ace an interview and feel confident while doing it. By practicing over and over again, you are repeating the information out loud so that you can remember what you want to say and how you want to say it, just like you practiced. Review the information you found in your research over and over again. Practice the interview questions that you found along with your talking points out loud over and over until your brain gets tired and then do it again. Practice makes perfect, or dang near close!

Know your why. This is so important when going into a job interview. Yes, we know, we want this job because we need a job to pay the bills. I get it. But when you land an interview, really think about why you want the job and why you are interested in that opportunity. Is it because you are passionate about the role and the work that it entails? Is it because the company’s values match your personal morals? Is it because the job is your dream job and you can picture yourself staying with the company long-term and maybe even retiring there? Do some soul searching and figure out your why. This will help you better and more confidently communicate why you are the best fit for the position and how you plan to contribute to the role.

Be confident. Now who doesn’t get nervous right before an interview? Nerves are good! However, even if you’re nervous you can still be confident going into an interview. Be confident because you adequately researched and prepared, you rehearsed your talking points, and you know your why. Be confident that you are the best fit for the position. Be confident that you are valuable and would be a great asset not only to the team, but also to the company. Be confident in your own skills, ability, and passion that you will conquer the interview and win over the interviewer’s heart and offer letter!



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