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Pinterest Names Tyi McCray As New Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Tyi McCray is joining Pinterest as its new Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity. With experience in the private and academia sector, McCray will lead Pinterest’s strategy and programming “to foster an inclusive and diverse culture and company,” according to a press release.

“It's impossible to overstate the magnitude of change our world has undergone this year,” McCray said. “As a diversity and inclusion professional, my line of work, in particular, has evolved and – though our work was always absolutely pivotal – the vital nature of what we do has come into focus more now than ever before.”

Although I am thrilled to see more Black people in these types of roles, especially Black women, I do have some reservations about being limited to these types of roles.

We need more Black people, minorities, and people of color to fill D&I roles in order to create strategies for diversity that are relatable and authentic. Having more Black people, minorities, and people of color in these roles also creates more space for authentic experiences, gives voice to groups that feel voiceless and sheds light on underrepresented communities. A white man or woman may not be fully capable to truly and fully leverage effective D&I efforts because they are the majority, have privilege, and often times, have not experienced rejection, discrimination and/or being excluded in the workplace as a result of their physical, mental, social, and cultural differences.

On the other hand, Black people should not just be limited to D&I roles, as it relates to leadership and executive positions within a company. Black men and women are just as qualified to fill Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and other C-Suite executive roles as they are qualified to fill leadership D&I roles. Put more Black people in the C-Suite. We need more Black executives.



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