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There’s a New Model on the Block and She’s No Rookie

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s daughter, Junie, is adding modeling to her repertoire of talents, following in her mother’s footsteps. The 4-year old boss baby is modeling her mother’s newly launched clothing line, Juju Beez Clothing.

Junie is definitely making her presence and talents known to the world as she reminds her fans and friends that she is not shy of the camera.

In a video Teyana Taylor posted on Instagram where Junie appears to be finding the right spot to take a picture in a fancy car, Teyana Taylor asks “Who do you think you are?” and Junie responds, “Let’s just say, I’m the boss.”

Juju Beez Clothing, made for young girls and boys, can be purchased on, described as a “Majestic Wonderland where family, fashion, lil girl curls and boys who love bikes, all reign supreme.”

Teyana Taylor took to social media to express her excitement for the launch of Juju Beez Clothing and tell the world that she is Junie’s number one fan.

“Guess what’s coming soon…finally? Juju Beez clothing!” she said in one Instagram post. “Omg, I’m super fan girl’n right now…my baby for @jujubeezclothing,” she said in another Instagram post of Junie posing in the clothing line.



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